Preaching to the Choir

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Trolls, and Other Political Creatures

Below are responses to an article about Willaim Ross, a biliionaire discussing the fate of America's banks and general economic health (which, yes, is bad at the moment.) It was not a political article. Did not mention any political party, did not mention the president, did not mention congress, did not mention any political candidate.

These responses totally sickened me this morning. I was told by a friend who is an experienced blooger that these people are probably "trolling," (and let's hope to God these people are "trolling" and not this stupid and hateful!). So they probably just want to get a rise out of people. They're bottom feeders... but OMG. Get a life.

No one that writes crap like this loves America. And, they aren't even smart enough to be embarassed.

I was even tempted to comment here about how stupid it is to blame the Democrats for this financial insanity, especially in response to an article that had NOTHING to do with which political party did what, but then I realized none of this bullshit deserves to be rebutted, even for a second.



Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam, etc.

Anti-spam experts tell us that one tell-tale sign of a scam (phishing) email is typos. Hopefully we all know by now that any email that tells you that your account needs to be verified, updated, etc etc. is blatant crap, but I just had to share the one I got this morning:

Hmmm... find the typo....



Those Lights

These are great photos taken by my friend Cesar. If you like them and want to download them, just be cool and keep any use noncommercial.



I'm Just Saying ...

It's always more interesting when they don't know the microphone is still on.


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