Lost In Time, Lost In Brooklyn

Not really a big deal. I always get lost when I go to Brooklyn. This time I had a map (thank you Google maps ) so it only took turning down a few wrong blocks before I was headed in the right direction:

The MTA Transit Museum.

If I remember this correctly, this train is from the 40s

You have to go down into an old subway station, and if you are not paying attention, you could miss the entrance. (as I did, standing right next to it.) It starts with the history (the breaking ground and the sand hogs), and continues up to the present (hybrid busses). There are old photos and stories and old signage, and when you go down one more flight: Old trains!

You can see my friends in the window.

As you can see, the trains had the old advertising in them as well.

The place was full of people, many New Yorkers, and it seems to me that, despite the amount we all complain about it, we New Yorkers love our mass transit!


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