Tibetan Throat Singers and Patti Smith: a Love Story

It started with Tibetan monks singing a prayer. It ended with Patti Smith and her Band.

It was the Tibet House US Benefit at Carnegie Hall. 

So this is where my brain went when the monks started singing: Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang Theory, torturing his roommate by practicing his Tuvan Throat Singing.

Then, to completely change the mood, tUnE yArD comes on and plays a Yoko Ono song called Warrior Woman.

Warrior Woman clip from Artist Direct. Just thirty seconds but it gives you a taste.

The whole show was very avant garde, so it was more than appropriate to open with a Yoko Ono tune. I won't give you a blow-by-blow of the whole concert, because it was 3 hours long, but there was a string quartet, electronic and midi music, a human beat box, Phillip Glass, poetry, dance, and my personal favorite: Patti Smith Band playing For Your Love with the Tibetan Monks. No, I have no video of that. Mea culpa.

Patti Smith recited an Allan Ginsburg poem, Wichita Vortex Sutra, accompanied by Phillip Glass. It occurred to me about half way through the poem that I've never actually read any Ginsburg; I've only had it read to me. Then she wrapped the whole evening up with three of her songs, ending with The People Have the Power.

The audience in Carnegie Hall were on their feet.


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