We mess up everything at R.H. Macy's

My goddaughter and I visited Macy's on President's Day to hunt for shoes. She is having a Sweet Sixteen party — something I never had nor attended in my youth, but there we were, and she needed shoes. The department apparently has been redone, and is now the largest shoe department . . . anywhere? I think they said anywhere. There are something like 300,000 shoes at the Macy's in Herald Square, and we were there to look at them all.

We started on one end, walked briefly through Louis Vitton, but exited quickly. Yes, we got scared away. The first shoes that really caught our eye were in the Michael Kors section. Beautiful, and so much less intimidating.  A man named Edward greeted us there, and when we told him we had just started to look, he told us that he'd give us the "Sandy Relief" discount because we were from New York. Now, I already had a visitor's discount card because I used my Connecticut license, but that was only 10% and the Sandy one was going to be 20%. But he said, "You can only get it if you come to me. So whatever you see in the store, bring it here."

We looked in every section, took pictures, then decided over lunch which ones she would try on.

The red-glitter Dorothy shoes I had to talk her out of buying.
Only because the heel was too freaking high.

What you see here are Burberry shoes. At over $500, a pipe dream.

Well, we almost immediately screwed up the Edward thing. To be fair to ourselves, we had no idea what we were doing. We had no idea how it worked to bring shoes from another section to a salesperson elsewhere. Remember, this place was HUGE. We decided my goddaughter would try on shoes in other sections and when we found something we liked we'd bring it to Edward to ring up.

And the first screw up was in Michael Kors itself. We got there and there was no Edward. So we had this other guy bring out shoes for us. (and what was the first thing he said, which we ignored? "Was anyone helping you?")

Then, across the floor at Nina shoes, we got yelled at.

We had a woman helping us there, and we mentioned that we had shoes on hold at Michael Kors. Then this scary colleague of hers came over and told us we could only have ONE person in Macy's helping us. ONE. What were we doing, having different salespeople in the shoe department helping us?


Now we knew we had screwed up, so we gathered a few more shoes to try on and high-tailed it back to Edward.

He was very very disappointed in us. He had to tell the other Michael Kors guy that HE was actually helping us from the get-go, and then he reiterated to us about his being able to give us the secret discount.

And when we got our discount? It was the 10% visitor's, the one we would have gotten anyway! No, we said nothing about the Sandy discount, just got the heck it out of there with our shoes before we were yelled at again.

 The silver ones were the pair we bought.


DNPinNYC Tue Feb 19, 08:43:00 PM EST  

Now I'm stressed by association lol!

DNPinNYC Tue Feb 19, 08:45:00 PM EST  

Now I feel virtually stressed by association lol!

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