LA Chronicles III, cont

See? I really was there.

Best performance: Tina Turner
Best comment: Vince Gill (""I just got an award given to me by a Beatle. Have you had that happen yet, Kanye?")


Buzz Stephens Tue Feb 19, 09:22:00 AM EST  

The top picture is great. It would be a good one for your myspace page (if you had one).
You look like one of those hot old rock chicks.
Rock on!

SMPnyc Tue Feb 19, 10:38:00 AM EST  

Thank you...wait, OLD rock chick?

Buzz Stephens Tue Feb 19, 11:05:00 AM EST  

Well, yeah. I mean, um, eh, er, uh nice pic!

Anonymous,  Wed Feb 20, 03:23:00 PM EST  

M from Zurich likes this photo of you. Why, with that Cheshire Cat smile, someone might mistake you for a Libra!

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