Palm Springs

V and me at a restaurant named "Azul."
That was Matt's tee-shirt, although I think it belongs to V now.

This is the hotel in Palm Springs. An amazing place.
More photos of this to come, as soon asI get them
developed. (how very old school of me)

It was 75° in Palm Springs, but there was snow in the mountains.

The hats were courtesy of the hotel.

I told Matt he looks like Juan Valdez in this picture.


Anonymous,  Thu Feb 21, 02:59:00 PM EST  

M. in Zurich says the hats/sunglasses/white robes are a good look -- V's hat could have been a bit more butch, but . . . he makes up for it in the photo with the beefy left arm flexing and an amused R. smiling archly at him. OK, V, I said you still got it -- just don't flaunt it, 'kay? :-)

SMPnyc Thu Feb 21, 03:12:00 PM EST  

Agreed. The hats were provided by the hotel, so we had no choice.

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