LA Chronicles III

V and I before heading to the Grammys. Yes, I am that short. (especially when I'm not wearing shoes!)


Anonymous,  Wed Feb 20, 03:26:00 PM EST  

M from Zurich says: OK, I am not so fond of V in the top photo, with his c-shaped pose (preening), and I am not so fond of the R in the bottom photo, laughing at some in-joke on the ceiling, apparently. But you both are ADORABLE.

Note to V: you still got it. Big time.

SMPnyc Wed Feb 20, 04:28:00 PM EST  

V is not "preening." He is leaning over to me because I am so short. And I am laughing at the comment our photographer made (actually, my makeup artist), which was "Okay, now, act as if you like each other."

Anonymous,  Thu Feb 21, 03:11:00 PM EST  

M from Zurich says: The two photos you added at the bottom really show the colors of your outfits. Really gorgeous!

SMPnyc Thu Feb 21, 03:16:00 PM EST  

Thank you. Yes, for some reason the photos we took in the house sucked all the color away. I think it was because we were standing in shadows.

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